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Great {Copy}Writing is about people and their perceptions. It’s not a game between the seller and the buyer nor is it about how good or bad something is. It’s not about portraying your idea. Rather, it’s about understanding audience’s perception and influencing it suitably.

Great Copywriting is about Observation & Practise

Motion {Copy}Writing

With an average attention span of less than 8 secs, short and byte sized videos are the sure shot recipe to capture your audiences attention. Videos need to be contextual and seamless in flow. Most importantly they need to narrate a story that the audience wants to be a part of.

Short Video's rule the audience today

Content Consulting & Strategy

The beginning to all successful stories has been the board. May be black, green, white or even a piece of paper but it has been the drawing board. Ideas come by the dime and dozen but writing and charting separates the grain from the chaff.

Succesful content begins from the drawing board

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